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Teddy Bear Sweater

So one day, I went shopping with one of my best friends at a local Toronto mall, and came across the store Simons. I have seen this store when my mom and I went to Ottawa, however we didn't have the chance to go in.

So my best friend and I decided to go to this store, and I came across this amazing fuzzy sweater, and my initial thought was "I have to have this!" After feeling the fuzziness of the sweater, I then took a closer look at all the details, and boy this sweater was perfect.

I love the fact that the sweater has the cut out shoulders - which makes it the perfect item for spring! Also - can we just take a look at how CUTEEEEEE those bows are at mid arms length? #todiefor

The pants are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever purchased, they really dress up any outfit. Also the bow detail on the "belt" adds such a girly touch to any outfit.

The shoes... now let me tell you... where are all my blingy, sparkly, glittery lovers at?! These shoes SPPPPAAARRKKKLLLLLE in the sun so much and will blind anyone standing to close LOL. There are times when I catch a glimpse of them in the reflection of a window or mirror, and when the sun shines on them - I just stand there and stare... mesmerized.... for a good 10 minutes.

Until next time!

Xoxo, Danielle


xoxo, Danielle

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