A Few of My Favourite things - January 2019

Hi Lovelies!

Happy new year!

I don't know about you, but I personally felt like January was a trial run into the new year, and it had so many ups and downs for me, that I have decided to make February my official start to 2019!

With my new start, I have decided to give my blog a little bit more attention, and so I present you with this post! My January 2019 favourites!

I was always so obsessed with seeing what the influencers are posting as their favourites on Youtube, so I thought that with my first post of 2019, I would create my own blog post about it!

Lets start off with Skin care!

I have always loved going to Winners to just check out what they have to offer. Winners is an amazing store in Canada that legit has everything for a fraction of the price. Its the same as Marshalls and HomeGoods in the states. I usually have my routine:

1. Walk into the store

2. Walk towards the skin care/makeup aisle

3. Walk to jewellery

4. Walk to accessories

5. Walk through clearance stuff

6. Walk through clothing

7. If I'm up for it, I walk through the home stuff

Well this particular time I went, I was stuck in the skin care/makeup aisle because I noticed that they have stepped their game WAYYYYY up, and started carrying so many brands like Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D, Algenist, Vita Liberata, Anastasia Beverly Hills and much more! This also happened to be around the same time that I ran out of my facial skin care items, so I was in the market for some new ones. Needless to say that the Algenist products really stood out to me!

I managed to find a face wash, face serum, eye cream and face moisturizer! Oh AND I found a Foreo Luna Mini 2 for only $79.99!

The Liquid Collagen I purchased in Sephora, I have never seen it on the shelf of Winners, but if I do - you better believe i'm stalking up and buying everything they have! This stuff is simply amazing - it makes my skin plump up, look more radiant, feel soft and makes my makeup go on 10x smoother. I use this in the mornings, paired with my eye cream.

As for night time, I use the same technique to wash my face, with the Algenist face wash and the Foreo, but I also follow up with the eye cream, Arbonne Resurfacing wipes, and the Facial serum!

Next up - Hair!

My favourite all time hair products are always going to be Monat. I've switched all my hair products to be strictly Monat, and my hair has never felt or looked so good.

My go to products are the Volume Shampoo/Conditioner , split end mender (Which also helps detangle my hair, and get rid of my split ends) the Blow Out Cream (When I choose to blow dry my hair) and the S3 vitamins, which are all natural supplements for hair skin and nails!

Last but not least - Makeup!

We covered skin care, which I believe to be the true foundation of your makeup, however as for makeup foundation, I completely fell in love with the Algenist Colour Correcting Serum Foundation. I will admit the colour light/medium is kinda dark for my skin tone, however I don't have a problem blending it down my neck if need be. So if you guys have a problem finding your exact colour, or putting colour down your neck - this one may not be the one for you. I love pairing it with my Rejuveniqe oil, just to give it a luminous look.

January was also a month full of new mascaras - I am a HUGE mascara junkie! I love everything about lashes, and think that if my lashes look bomb, everything will be okay :)

This month I discovered three new mascaras which quickly became my favourites!

  1. Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara

  2. Younique Epic Lash Mascara

  3. Maybelline Snapscara

My IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara has been a favourite since November, so I decided to include it as well!

Another Winners fab find that I found were these Glam Glow Pout Mud balms in the colour Scarlet (red) and Hello Sexy (Pink). They are so pigmented, and they are 100% buildable and moisturizing!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my January favourites! Let me know in the comments below what your January favourites are, I'm always on the hunt for life changing products :)


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Until next time!

Xoxo, Danielle

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